The Language of Infinite Possibilities

“Language exerts hidden power, like the moon on the tides” 

— Rita Mae Brown

Today I will speak and use the language of infinite possibilities.

I will not hold my life or my family’s life back by proclaiming and affirming any type of language that is in limitation or lack.

If you know that you are in the presence of an infinite God and that you are in any way shape or form in relation to that spirit or power I want you to use the power of the word to bring into manifestation what it is that you seek.

We will no longer affirm that we are in a state of lack. We will no longer affirm and close our hearts and minds off to the possibility of change in another person by casting spells over them with limiting non-current language saying that “they will always be what they have always been” for we know we will see in others what we focus on. We know this is what we have called into our awareness by the language of the thinking mind and our concentration on an aspect of a multi-dimensional being.

Focus on what you want to see grow. Speak into a future that brings about a powerful shift of consciousness and explosive growth on what aspect of a person, place or thing we feed with our language and intentions.

Where our attention goes energy flows!

If our language or vision for the future for a situation or person in our life is in alignment with “the way things have always been” then we will continue to get more of that.

No matter how much self-help we do or books we read…our power and presence and words co-create with that one infinite power, and that power is indiscriminate, if you want it YOU WILL get it.

Some of us use language in a robotic and habitual way, bringing into manifestation without conscious effort while unconsciously repeating patterns and creating a life that we don’t want.

Let us be conscious of the language we are using. With an awareness from this point forward recognize if the words you speak are empowering or disempowering of yourself and those around you. Will you continue perpetuating “the way things have always been” or are you creating from a place of infinite possibilities?

It’s time to break free from the habit of being yourself!


Holding on to Nothing

“Life is balance of holding on and letting go.”

— Rumi

As we continue to navigate new ways of being in the world, I realize it is time to let go. Let go of all the material things that no longer fit my new life. Let go of all the old stories in my head that no longer serve me. Let go of all the ways I think it should be; or thought it would be. I have been holding on too long and now it’s time to let go. For this season I am committed to holding on to nothing.

The Hopi Elders share the truth that is ever present in the world today: “There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly. Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water. See who is in there with you and celebrate.”

It is a time to surrender to what is and trust the moments that lead us to the next. A time to recognize the resistance that lives in the undercurrent of our lives and intentionally change the trajectory of our thoughts. As we lean into ‘letting go’ we may experience fear, self-doubt or sadness. It is here where we learn to be comfortable in being uncomfortable and we take our next best steps.

Find your faith…

Find quiet moments in your day to pray, meditate or just be still. Trust there is something outside of yourself that is ever present and powerful. Choose faith over failure. If you have faith, you have hope, and when you have hope you always see a way. When you see a way, you never give up. And no matter what, never ever give up!

Keep your mind and body healthy and whole…

Go to the gym, take a yoga class, find a running track…anything! Find something that keeps your mind and body connected, healthy and working together, because in the times when everything else seems disconnected, it will keep you centered and grounded. Your physical wellness is the starting and ending point to everything In between.

Love what is…

Trusting in the universe that where you are is where you need to be in the moment. Truly knowing that every experience comes with your own personal power of choice. It is the daily affirmation that ‘it is not what happens to you, but what you choose to be in the outcome’. This is a discipline of our own thinking and a muscle that must be worked daily.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath; don’t default to drama…

In the moments that are unpredictable and heart wrenching, take a moment to find your center. An initial reaction of blame or guilt will fuel a fire and feed a story. Take a deep breath, and let your breathing be your compass. Drama is an unhealthy and unnecessary platform — nothing good lives here.

Live in a state of gratitude — even when it’s hard.

Learn to be truly and sincerely grateful for what you have…and not what you wish you had. Look closely at your personal blessings no matter how big or small. Your gratitude for what ‘is’ will be a game changer no matter where you are in life. In the wake of this practice, you will find peace in your mind and calm in your heart.

The river is flowing fast and it is time to let go of the shore. It is time to embrace what we do not yet know and celebrate holding on to nothing — you may be surprised what you find.

As a life-long learner and student of human potential, I believe in vulnerability, authenticity and connection. I have learned that we all experience seasons and chapters in our lives that are sometimes hard to navigate. We struggle with unexpected scenarios and hunger for simple solutions and in the end we all yearn to be heard and seen — without judgement. This is life, our life, our journey.

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Year of the Influencer – Sister Jenna

Many of us today are dealing with fear, anxiety and stress due to the global pandemic and the devastating impact it is having on our lives. However, we greatly underestimate the power of our own mind. How can we use our thoughts to take us beyond these times? When we use the term ‘mind over matter’ what do we really mean? When we apply the power of our mind, that is our thoughts, we are able to take charge of our lives and the way we choose to respond to situations and circumstances out of our control.

Sister Dr. Jenna is an acclaimed, trusted spiritual mentor committed to bridging divides in societies and building relationships between global influencers. She has impacted lives around the globe, inspiring change and finding solutions to current day crises as the founder and curator of two Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museums, located in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area. Sister Jenna is also the host of the popular America Meditating Radio Show and recipient of the President’s Lifetime National Community Service Award.

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Being Heart-Thoughtful Leads the Way

“The heart-brain dynamic modulates and regulates every function of the body and brain, influences our endocrine glandular functions, immune system, capacity for body healing, all memory and learning, DNA activity and of course All relationships.”

— Joseph Chilton Pearce
Are there days when you feel like you radiate with clarity and a sense of calm? And no matter what comes your way or how busy you are, whatever happens, it all works out – even the challenges? Those days you feel a sense of integrity and trust yourself fully as you lead with confidence in your personal and professional life. When worry, stress, or feeling overloaded sneaks in…
You can also, without a doubt, remember the days when you were highjacked and disconnected. And maybe you thought you shouldn’t be. It may have started with a challenging situation or stressful thoughts. You couldn’t see the light. Your radiance and your resiliency seemed to drain away, forgotten in a moment. You lost YOU and then navigated without your sense of ease and confidence.
During those times, it was easy to move into automatic pilot. You didn’t fully consider all aspects of your decisions but just did whatever you needed to get through the day. Perhaps your body’s natural protective system of the ‘fight, flight, or freeze’ kicked in.
When this happened, you became disconnected from your heart. You let your mind run with unhelpful stories, and your ability to fully listen to your intuition or hear your inner wisdom fell by the wayside. In those times, so did your ability to lead yourself and others as effectively as you usually do.
So, how do you get YOU back? How do you reconnect to your inner leader, and have compassion to guide yourself and others effectively?

The Heart-Thoughtful Mindfulness Connection

We know that being mindful reminds us to be in the moment. By adding “Heart-Thoughtful” to mindfulness you introduce another aspect to your life creating a partnership of the heart and mind. This partnership is invaluable in being an effective, resilient leader.
Being Heart Thoughtful empowers you. It helps you reclaim your confidence, clarity and calm. The strategies and ways of being Heart-Thoughtful along with leading with your heart followed by your mind creates resiliency.

Effective leadership in both personal and professional situations involves being Heart-Thoughtful. Use simple, easy, resilient, Heart-Thoughtful Mindfulness strategies! Imagine having a sense of wellbeing that brings joy and calm as you create space for new possibilities!

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Year of the Influencer – Florence Romano

“As the world continues to turn during the uncertain times, the childcare crisis is front and center in our country. It is our responsibility to set the next generation up for success, but it starts with the adults; it starts in the sandbox. After 15 years as a nanny, my experience helped me create the three pillars of action we need to take to be on the right side of history as it relates to the worlds most vulnerable and important population.”

Florence Ann Romano, The Windy City Nanny™, is an author, philanthropist and child-care expert who has always had a special place in her heart for children. Romano worked for over 15 years as a nanny, beginning as a ‘Mommy’s helper’ at the age of 11. She believes the key to success for a family is by focusing on what she has coined as THE TRIFECTA – parent, child, and caretaker working in unison toward common, family goals.

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What Stands in the Way is the Way

 “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”


— Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor (121 – 17CE)

It takes courage to be an Authentic Leader like Marcus Aurelius, who over two thousand years later is still quoted and deeply admired for his leadership abilities and his wisdom to utilize obstacles as creative opportunities to advance and build a great nation. 
As I reflect back on my career path, I now realize how every impediment and obstacle I experienced propelled me to action and ultimately guided me to the work I do today. 
As new immigrant to the USA I encountered many impediments at the beginning of my new life in the New World. One of the obstacles getting in my way at that time was gaining admission into Graduate School. My degree from Ireland and the administrative rules and regulations during that time were standing in my way of getting into a Graduate Degree Program in Counseling. 
I had my heart set on and wished to pursue only this Master’s degree in counseling. The only options presented to me at that time (if I wished to pursue that particular graduate program), at that institution, was to complete another Bachelor’s Degree and reapply to Graduate program many years later. I was 34 years old at the time and completing yet another Bachelor’s degree did not feel right to me. 
However, the denial into that particular program led me to reconsider other ways to get into different Graduate Schools. I took the “no” at that time as an opportunity to take a different career course in my life via a different graduate degree program. Less than two years later, with a Master’s Degree, I was accepted into a PhD program and focused my attention away from Counseling to Research and Educational Administration.  
The new way led me to a very successful career in Higher Education for 18 years (Teacher Education, Researcher, Textbook author, and the creation of degree programs) and prepared me for the work I now do today at illli.org. Looking back on my life I now see that all the obstacles I encountered back in the 1990’s guided me onto the path of Higher Education and prepared me for my role as Dean of Education and co-creating illli.org with Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes. 
Though I never took the original route into licensed counseling I eventually found other ways to satisfy my soul’s needs to help and encourage others. I found another way I be present for others who may just need someone to talk to or listen to them. I now spiritually counsel as an Ordained Minister. As a Reiki Master, Certified Professional Life Coach, and as an E-RYT 500 Yoga Instructor I guide meditations, teach Yoga, motivate and encourage people to make positive changes in their lives. 
I now see how spirit guided me and illumed every step of my way. I can now affirm the times of greatest difficulty and struggle in my life were in fact the times when I was most definitely guided to a new way; guided on my soul’s path journey.

Try doing this instead:

See your obstacles guiding you forward on your life path and soul’s journey. What stands in your way is showing you the way-be open and see it will take you further than you could ever have imagined.

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Create a Blueprint for a Happy, Resilient Family

“Every time I mess up is a chance to practice.”

— Marshall Rosenberg

Being Heart-Thoughtful will support you in creating a blueprint to be a happy, resilient parent and have happy, resilient children! One way to be Heart-Thoughtful and strengthen your blueprint is to “speak giraffe.” Do you speak ‘giraffe’ or a ‘jackal’? Or maybe a combination of both. Confused? Before you answer, read a bit further.

In every family there are times of dissension and sometimes out-and-out “war.” What causes us to be at “war” in our family, with our children, or with others in our lives? It probably starts with two different points of view. Then it may move into feelings of self-blame, blaming others, or believing things are unfair.

It may be a request that isn’t heeded, such as “Please pick up” or “Stop arguing with your brother,” which then escalates from a simple request into war. Parents and children either learn how to get what they need in a positive, encouraging way or in a frustrating, “war-like,” angry, demanding, self-confidence-shredding way.

The latter is the language of the Jackal. When we feel judged, not respected, accused, or unfairly treated, we react with the fierceness of the jackal. The language of the jackal is using sharp words to criticize, judge, analyze, and separate as defined in Nonviolent Communication by Marshal Rosenberg.

The Giraffe, on the other hand, feels into things with its heart. Giraffes are “Heart-Thoughtful”—which means the heart leads and is followed by the mind. When you speak giraffe, you “unify, connect, and look for solutions.” You look at differences as an opportunity for choice or to approach the situation in a different way. The giraffe feels into things with compassion for self and for others.

The giraffe’s Heart-Thoughtful way of thinking can help you focus on your children’s perspective and behavior in a more expanded way. The most important piece for your blueprint is to find that inner place of empowerment and compassion. As Marion Badenoch Rose, Ph.D., illustrates in Nonviolent Communication with Children, Heart-Thoughtful parenting helps meet the needs of all. Nonviolent communication—Heart-Thoughtful communication—allows you to shift your thinking from good and bad judgments to heart-mindful connections. 

When your child says or does something the opposite of what you expect, you can blame yourself or blame your child and speak jackal.

Or you can ‘Speak Giraffe’ and be Heart-Thoughtful:
Before starting a war, put your blueprint to work—connect to your heart like a giraffe to approach the situation with compassion and nonviolent, Heart-Thoughtful communication.

Calling All Parents, Grandparents, Leaders, and Teachers

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