The Language of Infinite Possibilities

by Ryan Owens
“Language exerts hidden power, like the moon on the tides” 

— Rita Mae Brown

Today I will speak and use the language of infinite possibilities.

I will not hold my life or my family’s life back by proclaiming and affirming any type of language that is in limitation or lack.

If you know that you are in the presence of an infinite God and that you are in any way shape or form in relation to that spirit or power I want you to use the power of the word to bring into manifestation what it is that you seek.

We will no longer affirm that we are in a state of lack. We will no longer affirm and close our hearts and minds off to the possibility of change in another person by casting spells over them with limiting non-current language saying that “they will always be what they have always been” for we know we will see in others what we focus on. We know this is what we have called into our awareness by the language of the thinking mind and our concentration on an aspect of a multi-dimensional being.

Focus on what you want to see grow. Speak into a future that brings about a powerful shift of consciousness and explosive growth on what aspect of a person, place or thing we feed with our language and intentions.

Where our attention goes energy flows!

If our language or vision for the future for a situation or person in our life is in alignment with “the way things have always been” then we will continue to get more of that.

No matter how much self-help we do or books we read…our power and presence and words co-create with that one infinite power, and that power is indiscriminate, if you want it YOU WILL get it.

Some of us use language in a robotic and habitual way, bringing into manifestation without conscious effort while unconsciously repeating patterns and creating a life that we don’t want.

Let us be conscious of the language we are using. With an awareness from this point forward recognize if the words you speak are empowering or disempowering of yourself and those around you. Will you continue perpetuating “the way things have always been” or are you creating from a place of infinite possibilities?

It’s time to break free from the habit of being yourself!

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Ryan Owens is an energetic father of two, currently serving as a spiritual leader in training at ILLLI and on the Board of Trustees at First Unity Spiritual Campus. He is President of Marketing & Media for Milestone Title Services, and a spiritually & digitally inspired Millennial speaker.

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