Application Process

Your application requires a non-refundable fee of $150.00. The application requires the following files: CV, essay, and three letters of reference. Please gather these files prior to beginning the application process. The Admissions and Review Committee will not review incomplete applications.

Required Materials

Detailed CV

Include previous education, work experiences, affiliations with organization, previous ministerial, pastoral or spiritual leadership work, church affiliations (if any but not necessary). This Curriculum Vitae needs to be inclusive of who you are as a person (this is the story of your life) from High School to what you are currently doing in your life at the time of this application. Please organize like a traditional CV that is chronological and gives the Admission and Review Committee a detailed understanding of your practical work and life experiences to date.
A CV is more detailed than a resume but organized similarly with a chronological overview of the following:
  • Previous and current work experiences
  • Education
  • On-going training and development
  • Volunteer work
  • Ministerial/pastoral roles (current & previous)
  • Achievements, accomplishments, general interests etc.

Required Essay

Please address the following questions in 1,000 (minimum) to 2,000 words(maximum):

  • Why do you desire to become a spiritual leader?
  • What are the strengths that support you in a spiritual leadership role?
  • What are the areas you need to develop to guide you in your spiritual leadership role?
  • Describe your leadership style.
  • Describe your personal practice of daily self-care and how you tend to your own physical, emotional, and spiritual practice daily.
  • Who/what has been the greatest influence in your life to date?
  • How do you develop and grow others into new evolving spiritual consciousness?

Reference Letters

Please provide 3 letters of reference/support from spiritual and civic leaders who know you and support your desire for ministry. These references need to be persons familiar with the nature of work required to be a minister.
Optionally, prepare a brief video (5 mins or less) giving a talk or demonstration or submit a previously recorded video in the form below.

What to Expect

Once you have submitted the requested files you will be contacted by an Institute staff member that your completed application is received. Payment of your non-refundable application fee ($150) will be arranged at that time. Please do not contact the Institute directly to ask about the status of your application.
Your written materials will be reviewed by the Admission Review Committee (applications are reviewed on an ongoing process and there is no submission deadline). If you are deemed as a potentially viable candidate for our ministerial program you will be invited to schedule an interview either by skype/in person with Dean and members of the Admission Review Committee (ARC). The Dean of Education and staff members here at ILLLI will guide you along this process.
Once your oral interview is complete you will be notified by the Dean and Admission Review Committee of the final decision. Once your status into ministerial program is finalized, you will be guided with the assistance of Dean and ILLLI staff onto your learning path towards licensure.
All decisions of the committee are final. Because this is an individualized and personalized learning path designed for you, admissions are ongoing. You can apply at any time for our ministerial program as there are no admission deadlines.