Thank you for your interest in partnering with iLLLi (Institute of Life Long Learning International) and Transformation Academy with the goals of:

We are excited to collaborate with you to bring ONLINE EDUCATION to your church community! A heart-felt THANK YOU from Temple, iLLLi, and Joeel + Natalie from Transformation academy!

Now, let’s get started!

How it works:


Your organization becomes an affiliate of Transformation Academy (easy process, we take care of it).


You determine which specific programs you wish to promote (or simply all of them). See course recommendations / options below.​


We provide everything you need (links, images, descriptions).


You announce the collaboration (through email newsletter or during service or printed flyer/card) – we can help with that, too.


You offer your community a 50% discount on these programs.


Your organization receives 50% of all purchases made by your community members.

Your Next Steps:


Complete form below, answering a few simple questions that will help us better serve you.


Check your email for your AFFILIATE ACCOUNT information and the resources to get started.


Follow-up with us with any additional questions: we’re here to help!

Course Options + Recommendations:

As mentioned, you can choose to simply refer your spiritual community directly to Transformation Academy and allow them to explore the learning possibilities and choose for themselves. You also have the option to highlight specific programs that you feel the most in alignment with. We offer personal and spiritual development courses as well as life coach/practitioner certification programs.
Below are popular spiritual/growth-focused COURSES as well as CERTIFICATIONS. When you submit your interest form, you’ll have a chance to indicate your preferences.
You can view the recommended courses and certifications here: store.transformationacademy.com/pages/new-thought-education-training
View ALL Transformation Academy programs here: store.transformationacademy.com
Please complete the survey questions. You can share any other thoughts or questions in the final comment box.
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THANK YOU for transforming with us!

Joeel + Natalie Rivera,
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