Spirituality Must be Concrete

by Michel Pascal

This world is collapsing in front of our eyes and we cannot accept this situation anymore. Spiritual people have a huge responsibility in taking action. 

We must move from an egoist society to an altruist society. We must move from our usual spiritual discussion to a concrete spirituality.

Instead of a usual talk with no action, we must find actions. For example, in schools, we must develop Social Emotions. Instead of educating our kids with competition, stress, we must educate them with gratitude, compassion, altruism.

How can we develop these qualities?

Not when we talk about good values during many hours for no reason, but when we learn how to calm our mind in the chaos of our world. As maths, science, grammar are part of the school program…calmness must be developed, as a primary subject. This difficult time is our chance to change our world, to re-create a very concrete Spirituality adapted to our world.

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Meditation in Tibetan means “I train my mind; I transform my mind in my daily life.” Meditation means I can use any situation in my life to train my mind. There is no separation between me and the place I meditate; it is a wrong perception to think we have to go away to a quiet place because once we return we are stressed again. Michel’s in-depth course Meditation for the Modern World will help you deepen your meditation practice. 

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As a former Tibetan monk who now lives in the real world, Michel Pascal brings ancient teachings from the Tibetan Nyingma tradition to the modern world to share simple practices to quiet and calm the mind.

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