Licensing & Credentialing​

You are unique and your learning path should be as well. We believe that the path to Ministerial Licensing and Ordination should be uniquely designed exclusively by you and for you.​

Your Path To Ordination Should Not Be A One Size Fits All Approach.

Our model of lifelong learning is focused on continual learning and growth in your leadership role. Our mission is to support your ongoing learning with a personalized coaching component as you evolve into your leadership role. Our goal is to move you forward on your path towards your desired goals, while providing you the ongoing resources, mentorship, coaching and tools you need to step into your ministerial role.

Our licensing program for Ministers/Spiritual Leaders follows a progressive (growth) model where each applicant is carefully screened, as life experience, education, and skill sets are assessed. Based on the outcome of this assessment, each applicant will be provided with a unique learning path to support him/her towards completion.

The program is designed to be ongoing, and initial licensing can be attained within 6 to 18 months (depending on intake assessment outcome and where applicant places on learning path. Some applicants may only need six months to be eligible for initial licensure). Every candidate who is initially credentialed through the Institute is required to renew every 2 years in order to demonstrate lifelong learning, and must maintain their affiliation with the Institute for licensing.

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