How One ILLLI Course Transformed Me

by Reverend Indira Grace Huerta

If you have been feeling disconnected and drained and want to be impassioned and energized, this is the moment of your new beginning. Declare and affirm this to your energy field:  I am ready to stop dying a little every day and to start waking up! I am ready to be impassioned and energized! 
— Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes

I love classes that make me dig deep into my shadow self. I love to talk about the elephant in the room, to bring it to the light, to love it back into myself as acceptance, peace, and part of my divinity. The course that did this for me was When Did You Die? with Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes.
Spoiler Alert: There is an exercise that helped me dig deep. It is the same exercise as the title of the book. I spent four hours straight, writing more than ten pages of experiences that caused me to die inside. I knew my past, what I had survived, but I had never listed it all at once. Add to that the things that I did to others and to myself that went against my spirit, my truth and I had a healing, cathartic, purging of my past, my pain and the shame that accompanied it.
As I brought each one to the light, the pain was overwhelming, and simultaneously beautifully freeing. I realized that I survived it all, even the things that I did, and none of it defines me any longer.
Rev. Dr. Hayes guides you to finding a couple of signs from the universe, one to ground you, the other to guide you. The signs I was led to by Spirit were astonishing, and they have become a part of my daily life now.
Included in this class are many chances to experience God, forgiveness, and peace in my life. It gave me a deeper experience of where God is and how God shows itself, and its compassion within the fabric of my life.
I have a much deeper understanding of my divinity and my divine powers because of this course. I also dug deep into a realization of my lack of boundaries and self-esteem in some of my closer relationships. The information is helpful, and the exercises are profound. 
As a result of this class, there are three teachings that I embrace every day:


Each experience is just that, an experience. It was not done to me; it is something that God experienced through me. And while some may have been bad, they could have been so much worse. Staying grounded in that perspective helps me not attach to the experiences.


Spiritual relocations are truly a gift. I have learned to surrender to them, as I go through them, rather than fight them. When I surrender, the ride is so much more spectacular.


I have stopped being someone else’s version of who they think I should be.

Some of my familial relationships have been re-worked and re-defined because I have stepped into the truth of who I am.
This course was the first course that I completed, and it is still the most transformational for me. I highly recommend it for anyone who is ready to really step out of the shadows and into the light.
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Indira Grace works as a spiritual advisor and educator, Reiki healer, Master and teacher, massage therapist, and yoga instructor, while running her own school for people seeking to step into their power. She has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education, a Master’s Degree in Teaching, and is currently a Minister in Training with the Institute for Leadership and Lifelong Learning International. She lives with her dog, Alexander.


When Did you Die?

Practical lessons to help you stay fully alive, with Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes. Learn how to love yourself, get over your limiting beliefs, and wake-up and reconnect the parts of yourself that are slowly dying every day.

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