Raw Conversations: From Hell To Well (Episode 3)

Have you or someone you know suffered from religiosity?

Continuing the series of “Raw Conversations: From Hell to Well” with Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes and Ryan Owens as they dive further into the journey of Religiosity to Spirituality.

Listen in as they share about their experiences growing up with a family or culture that told them they were the chosen ones, yet made them feel deeply unworthy.

We’re looking forward to going on this journey together! Visit our Youtube channel to share, comment, and inspire us with your own stories of moving from Hell to Well.


Raw Conversations: From Hell To Well (Episode 2)

Have you or someone you know suffered from religiosity?

If you’re ready to tap into a place of freedom, inclusivity, power, love, and wisdom tune in to this series of raw conversations with Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes and Ryan Owens.

In this episode, Ryan shares his story of growing up in a strict religion that he felt didn’t allow him to truly “love thy neighbor.” He felt it was more like “pity thy neighbor.” He was taught that the end was always near, and that God was going to destroy all the people who were not just like him, as they were living in sin.

We’re looking forward to going on this journey together! Visit our Youtube channel to share, comment, and inspire us with your own stories of moving from Hell to Well.


Raw Conversations: From Hell To Well (Episode 1)

They’re not holding anything back in this series of raw conversations!

Tune in as Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes and Ryan Owens discuss how we can leave behind our old archaic ways in order to step into our wholeness. This is the first of a short series with this duo addressing some of the belief systems we may have, as they invite the viewer to break those beliefs down.

Hopefully, they push some buttons too! The goal is to open our hearts as we move from Religiosity to Spirituality — a place where we know we are not broken, sinful people but Divine heirs of the Universe.

We’re looking forward to going on this journey together! Visit our Youtube channel to share, comment, and inspire us with your own stories of moving from Hell to Well.


Taking Charge of Your Health and Energy

Does your belief system work for you, and are you listening?

Take a break and join Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes and Karen Bailey in a conversation about “The Art of Being Open” where they discuss the importance of our beliefs and the impact on the physical body. And why sometimes as spiritually-focused people we can be fascinated with the mystery, but bypass the physical part of our living. Find out how looking at our health through multiple windows is vital in preparing ourselves for the future that is possible for us, rather than the one we may have been told we were destined to have.

Our intention at ILLLI is to call out our innate wisdom. Listen in and share with people you know can benefit from healthy conversations with practical applications for everyday life.

As a licensed physical therapist with advanced training as a certified athletic trainer and founder of Optimal Performance Physical Therapy, LLC in Maine, Karen Bailey takes an integrated holistic approach to therapy focusing on treating the whole person; body, mind, spirit, and soul. Visit her and learn more at:

Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes believes in the importance of vibrant living and is driven to help all people, animals, and most especially young people find acceptance in the world and within themselves. Get involved and follow her at:


Checking the Weather

God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”

I woke up yesterday morning and checked the weather. That’s something a lot of people do, but I’m not talking about the temperature outside my house.

I’m talking about my inner weather. My inner weather was overcast and chilly with strong gusts of cold wind. I had this feeling I was forgetting something.

I looked at the calendar and realized it was my mother’s birthday. No wonder I felt like I was forgetting something, right? For most of my life, I’d have gotten her a gift by her birth date. But a gift was not necessary this time, she had passed about six years ago.

But I was glad I’d checked my emotional weather and recognized a system of grief was in my vicinity. This helped me understand to take it easy on myself, and not walk through my day unknowing of my grief. There is no way of transforming our inner state without some level of self-awareness. Perhaps if I’d walked around unaware, I might inflict my inner weather on someone else, and create stormy outer circumstances.

But I was glad I’d checked my emotional weather and recognized a system of grief was in my vicinity.

Instead, I had a self-care day. I had hot chocolate. I took a nap. I lit a candle for my mom, and since I felt a compulsion to get her something, I did. There were roses on sale at the grocery store. I bought some, and as I arranged them in a vase, placed them on my home altar I said aloud, “Happy Birthday, Mom,” giving thanks for her, and giving thanks for my practice of checking on my inner weather.

Rumi, a 13th-century Persian poet, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic wrote a wonderful poem about emotions and their function, called “The Guest House.”

The Guest House
This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all!

Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.
Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

— Rumi

I might have tried to avoid my inner weather of grief at another time of my life, but avoidance has its perils. We tend to do things that aren’t great for us when we try to avoid emotions: overeat, overdrink, or overwork and more….. I’ve found, over time, leaning into all my feelings is far more desirable. Those feelings do not last forever, and self-awareness has a wonderful way of empowering us. Knowing our inward state helps prevent outward mistakes.

Emotions are important and have a function beyond those little emoji images we use in texts on our smartphones. I know this sounds hard, to greet all our emotions, to name them, to acknowledge them, to feel them. Not just the happy ones. Giving attention to all our emotions helps us live in a balanced way and experience the fullness of life. I promise it is well worth it.

We got this, my friends. Practice checking your inner weather every day, without fear. I’m up for the task, we all are, as offspring of the Divine we inherit traits that make us capable of facing any emotional weather, as it states 2 Timothy 1:7: “God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”

I thank you for reading, be blessed this day.


Cultivating Connection

I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”   — Brene’ Brown

Picking up your life and moving to another country is one subject. Moving to another country in a pandemic will take us to another level of conversation.

Full transparency, the lockdown offered up many gifts as we found our way in a new culture with unfamiliar surroundings and a language we have not yet mastered. And yet, we found a simplicity with minimal social interaction and depth in our discovery of all other things relevant. We mastered 5-mile walks by the ocean and experienced deeper and more thought-provoking conversations.

And the day came – the lockdown ended.

We tiptoed into social gatherings with caution and found ourselves hungry for connection. At this stage in our life, the connections we will make will not be attached to our work, our children, or people we have known for years. I had this internal nudge that this time was going to be different…more mindful, intentional and authentic. I wanted connection – real connection. Not superficial, not surface, not small talk with sweet pleasantries.

As we ventured out and began meeting people (all strangers till they are not), I was committed to connecting with my heart with no agenda.

This does not always come easy and demands intention and practice.

Listen with your ears and your heart: The ears part here is easy; listening with your heart requires an open space that is internally noticeable. It feels expansive and curious in the center. There is a willingness to listen from a space of vulnerability and discovery.

Observe your distractions: These most likely will be the pure breakdown in connection. Some may be hard to avoid – the idea here is laser focus. The common criminal (stealer of connection) is your phone. If you want to make people a priority, it asks of us to be purely present in the presence of another. The phone can wait.

Stay in your own lane: Opinions are personal and formed by our own experiences and paradigms. Most likely you won’t always agree with a differing view. This has been the edgy sharp part of our current societal landscape and the most difficult to embrace. Find the confidence to speak your truth gently and powerfully. Don’t shrink, don’t puff up – just stand your ground. Use your words to express your courage, make personal connections and share your compassion. Arguing or defending breaks down connection. Speaking your truth with confidence while staying in your own lane builds connection.

Authenticity matters: Be genuine with your words and your actions; most people have a ‘bull shit’ radar, and the walls begin to build. Being disingenuous breeds a loss of trust, integrity, and interest. Authenticity takes confidence and courage without ego. Authenticity builds trust, safety, and connection.

There are still moments for me of hesitation and holding back.

Being here in a new country sometimes feels like being in 1st grade and meeting your new classmates on the playground; scary and exciting all in the same breath.

As we begin to discover our new landscape and meet new people, I have made this my compass for connection. I am learning to reveal, offer and surrender my authentic self in the presence of others. It is amazing to feel the friendships that are being birthed from this new space.

I am grateful, humbled, and connected.

“My fear of being real, of being seen, paralyzes me into silence. I crave the touch and the connection, but I’m not always brave enough to open my hand and reach out. This is the great challenge: to be seen, accepted, and loved, I must first reveal, offer, and surrender.”

―Anna White, Mended: Thoughts on Life, Love, and Leaps of Faith

Awakened Living Tj Woodward

Awakened Living

The highest form of human intelligence is to observe yourself without judgment.”  
—  Jiddu Krishnamurti

When we have forgotten the truth of who and what we are, we are living unconsciously. Our thoughts and behaviors are taken over by the old habits, patterns, and conditioning of our past. We lose our freedom of choice in how to respond to life.

When we are not awake to our true nature, we can be easily triggered by the behavior and words of others and by our circumstances. These moments of discomfort and reactivity can be seen as alarm bells. They remind us to wake up to who and what we are. When we allow our upset feelings and emotional hurts to become our “allies,” we stay on track.

They help to remind us that we can shift into the witness position, rather than identifying with any drama that is happening. Instead of getting pulled in by the details of our “human story,” we can choose to be the one shining light on any given circumstance.

Clear Signs of Un-Awakened Living

Instead of getting pulled in by the details of our “human story,” we can choose to be the one shining light on any given circumstance.

Clear Signs of Awakened Living

Living an awakened life is a moment-to-moment experience, which becomes more stabilized over time. There are times when we know ourselves to be pure love, light, and peace, beyond all shadow of a doubt. And there are other moments when we get emotionally triggered and old habits kick in.

In those moments, we have forgotten who and what we are. These moments of forgetting are like dark clouds passing over the sun. They are temporary.

Living an awakened life is a moment-to-moment experience…becoming more stabilized over time.

The sun is still shining behind the clouds; it is just obscured. We can trust that our clarity will return. Behind the clouds of unconscious thought, our clear perception always remains. Our essential self will always be there when the passing clouds have dispersed. As we practice witness consciousness, we have compassion for ourselves even when the clouds appear.

In Jiddu Krishnamurti’s words, “The highest form of human intelligence is to observe yourself without judgment.” When we can do this, we are truly free.

Letting Go and Getting Strong by Carolyn Ballenger

Letting Go and Getting Strong

This deep inner work is so necessary to our sacred creation story. We will continue to die a little every day until we move from fear to honoring our feelings to freedom.”
— Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes

The class that most transformed me in my journey as an ILLLI student was the first course I took, and it changed everything. 

As Rev. Temple says: “We all long to become fully present and alive. It is our true sacred creation story.” 

In this course, we were asked to feel the feelings of past events of our lives. We were given the opportunity to release those feelings, so that we could move on from them and memories of past events without those feelings holding us back and ruling our lives. I didn’t realize how much an early memory of being lost at the fair at the age of three had actually been ruling over my whole life. Feelings of being abandoned, alone and unwanted.

I had memories of the events from the moment I got off the ride and realized I was alone to the moment I saw my mother come walking towards me while standing on the park bench in front of the Police Station. (My thought in that moment was whether the snow cone the officer was bringing me as a bribe to tell them my name would reach me before my Mother would and if I would still get the root beer snow cone if she did.)

To be honest, I was scared to go back and feel those feelings of being frightened and alone as a 3-year-old so I reached out to a licensed therapist to walk me through those emotions. These were some deep held emotions of fear and abandonment, which had caused me to sometimes not feel welcome and safe in my own home growing up.

We spoke about the idea that my Grandma and Mom had probably been frantic looking for me and none of my family had given up the search until I was found and wasn’t it a great feeling when I was held in her arms again? It was an honest mistake for a young, single parent of three young girls in the 60’s. I actually spoke with my sisters about the incident it seems the whole time I was lost was only about 30-40 minutes, but in my whole 60 years of life I had been giving this incident so much weight.

I realized it had affected how I operated with those I loved and even if I loved, whom I trusted and the fact that I really did not trust completely. After truly feeling these feelings I wept like a child. I was able to let go of not feeling loved or wanted or worthy and I have been able to step into a greater, grander version of myself without the weight of these false, negative feelings about myself ruling my every decision.

I feel I am growing into a better Chaplain and a more compassionate Minister and person as a result of letting go of these old misguided thoughts about a long-held belief surrounding myself.

Students are asked to pick a symbol of strength for themselves as part of the practical applications of this course. The concept is that when we are in need of strength we can picture this symbol in our minds to center in our Truth.

The symbol I picked is Niagara Falls. As a child, my first vacation and the first time I had ever spent time overnight with my father was on a road trip where we visited Niagara Falls. I remember the water washing over the mountain and standing on the mountain behind those falls. The sheer power of that water and the rumbling of the mountain reminds me of my own strength and ability to know I am never alone or abandoned.


How One ILLLI Course Transformed Me

If you have been feeling disconnected and drained and want to be impassioned and energized, this is the moment of your new beginning. Declare and affirm this to your energy field:  I am ready to stop dying a little every day and to start waking up! I am ready to be impassioned and energized! 
— Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes

I love classes that make me dig deep into my shadow self. I love to talk about the elephant in the room, to bring it to the light, to love it back into myself as acceptance, peace, and part of my divinity. The course that did this for me was When Did You Die? with Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes.
Spoiler Alert: There is an exercise that helped me dig deep. It is the same exercise as the title of the book. I spent four hours straight, writing more than ten pages of experiences that caused me to die inside. I knew my past, what I had survived, but I had never listed it all at once. Add to that the things that I did to others and to myself that went against my spirit, my truth and I had a healing, cathartic, purging of my past, my pain and the shame that accompanied it.
As I brought each one to the light, the pain was overwhelming, and simultaneously beautifully freeing. I realized that I survived it all, even the things that I did, and none of it defines me any longer.
Rev. Dr. Hayes guides you to finding a couple of signs from the universe, one to ground you, the other to guide you. The signs I was led to by Spirit were astonishing, and they have become a part of my daily life now.
Included in this class are many chances to experience God, forgiveness, and peace in my life. It gave me a deeper experience of where God is and how God shows itself, and its compassion within the fabric of my life.
I have a much deeper understanding of my divinity and my divine powers because of this course. I also dug deep into a realization of my lack of boundaries and self-esteem in some of my closer relationships. The information is helpful, and the exercises are profound. 
As a result of this class, there are three teachings that I embrace every day:


Each experience is just that, an experience. It was not done to me; it is something that God experienced through me. And while some may have been bad, they could have been so much worse. Staying grounded in that perspective helps me not attach to the experiences.


Spiritual relocations are truly a gift. I have learned to surrender to them, as I go through them, rather than fight them. When I surrender, the ride is so much more spectacular.


I have stopped being someone else’s version of who they think I should be.

Some of my familial relationships have been re-worked and re-defined because I have stepped into the truth of who I am.
This course was the first course that I completed, and it is still the most transformational for me. I highly recommend it for anyone who is ready to really step out of the shadows and into the light.

The Absolute and the Relative

The untrained mind keeps up a running commentary, labeling everything, judging everything. Best to ignore that commentary. Don’t argue or resist, just ignore. Deprived of attention and interest, this voice gets quieter and quieter and eventually just shuts up. 
— Plato, Conversations with Plato

Whenever we encounter some new knowledge or a new belief that is not in our current schema or existing belief system, we may experience what the Swiss Psychologist Jean Piaget terms ‘cognitive dissonance.’ 

In New Thought this is called “Chemicalization.’ We reject new information as untrue because we are unable to connect with our previous understanding. We may undergo periods of denial, anger, adjustment, and disbelief and may never accept the new knowledge or information. In this case, we stay as we are, maybe stagnate.

But if we can adjust to this new knowledge or information eventually we can rewire our cognition and create new neural pathways and learning occurs.

Metaphysically, when we let go of previous limiting beliefs we undergo the chemicalization experience. This includes dying to our old selves, undergoing the dark night of the soul, or experiencing our own crucifixion before we resurrect ourselves and ascend to a new level of consciousness.

The Allegory of the Cave

Plato’s allegory of the cave originates from the fifth century BC and was presented to compare “the effect of education and the lack of it on our nature”. It is written as a dialogue between Plato’s brother Glaucon and his mentor Socrates. 

In the allegory, Socrates describes a group of people who have lived chained to the wall of a cave all their lives, facing a blank wall. The people watch shadows projected on the wall from objects passing in front of a fire behind them and give names to these shadows. The shadows are the prisoners’ reality, but are not accurate representations of the real world. 

Metaphysically, when we let go of previous limiting beliefs we undergo the chemicalization experience.

Socrates explains how the philosopher is like a prisoner who is freed from the cave and comes to understand that the shadows on the wall are actually not reality at all. A philosopher aims to understand and perceive the higher levels of reality. However, the other inmates of the cave do not even desire to leave their prison, for they know no better life.

This allegory is a useful way to explain the importance of education for increasing our evolution as humans on this earth, and demonstrates the growth mindset needed for increasing awareness, consciousness, and understanding.

What is the Absolute Realm?

The absolute realm does not change. The relative realm depends on one’s point of view or point of origin. The relative realm is always changing, and we experience in our mind illusions and not the truth of who we really are. 

So using Plato’s allegory we can see the nature of relative reality is always in our mind. We create in our minds.  When we question and explore, we expand our reality and move out from the darkness into the light.

When we look at something happening in our world, we can observe ourselves as if we are seeing it from the Absolute or Relative point of view. 

A philosopher aims to understand and perceive the higher levels of reality.

When we are operating from our conscious mind we are in the NOW, present, aware moment to moment that we are in charge of our reality by the thoughts we create. 

If I am present, I am aware of my thoughts shifting from fear to love and I know I can shift the energy of others around me towards positive vibrations by lightening the mood or invoking love or gratitude.

Practical Application

With awareness and practice, we can shift our consciousness from victimhood to the highest consciousness. Integrating our head, heart, intellect and compassion as a Metaphysician will show us the way towards awakening and growing our spiritual awareness.

If you are ready to become grounded in your personal relationship with the world, I invite you to reflect on your self-limiting beliefs and explore your understanding of the absolute versus relative realm. It is then that you will begin awakening the heart-centered Metaphysician within you.

Glimpses into Ultimate Reality-TJ Woodward

Glimpses into Ultimate Reality

Only ego would want ego to die.”   
— Dr. Sue Morter

Most of us, at some point, have unexpected glimpses and awareness of our true essence. That glimpse might last for a few seconds, a few hours, or for days or weeks. In a moment of awakening, the illusion of separation falls away. More often than not, however, the ego mind steps back in to reclaim its control. However, if we remain the observer of the ego’s voice, we cannot be easily drawn back into re-identifying with it.

I have had several such experiences in my own life, most notably when I traveled to India in 2006. I had been in the darkest period of my life, which started almost a year earlier when I had entered into a deeply unconscious part of my life. I had participated in all sorts of harm to myself and others and ultimately lost everything I owned.

I had been doing the deep work of “soul searching” during that time. I was with a group on a spiritual journey that ended in Varanasi. If you are not familiar with Varanasi, it is a city in the northern part of India on the bank of the Ganges River. Many Hindus believe that if you die there, your karma will be removed and you will not need to be reincarnated. So, needless to say, the experience of death is all around. Varanasi is more than 10,000 years old and is said to be the oldest city in the world that has been continuously inhabited by humans.

In the oldest parts of the city, roads are too narrow for cars, so we approached the city by bicycle rickshaw. I could feel the spiritual energy intensifying as we approached. A chill went up my arms, and my heart began to open in a way I had rarely experienced.

Once we reached the oldest part of the city, we were escorted on foot by twin deaf boys who seemed to be about 12 years old. Their gentle energies were incredibly striking. We reached the river bank, where the Ganga Aarti, known as the festival of lights, was under way. This festival happens every evening in Varanasi at sundown. There were seven tall platforms along the river bank, each with a priest facing the river paying tribute to the mighty Ganges.

If we remain the observer of the ego’s voice, we cannot be drawn back into re-identifying with it.

Peace on the River

We boarded a boat and floated out onto the river. A profound peace entered my body and, in that moment, my ego was stripped away. A profound peace entered into my consciousness. I sobbed uncontrollably for nearly an hour.

Suddenly, the electrical power went out and shrouded half of the city in darkness (not uncommon in many parts of India). The only thing that lit up the night sky were the bodies burning in the Ghats along the river. Our guides quietly steered the boat over to the Ghat and we sat there, for what seemed like an eternity, watching the funeral ceremonies. We were only a few feet away from a burning body.

The flames filled up the otherwise dark night with beautiful, sparkling light. The experience of my sudden awakening lasted with that intensity for several hours.

 I awoke the next morning to discover that my life had permanently shifted into a new way of being.

I awoke the next morning to discover that my life had permanently shifted into a new way of being. Since that experience, my ego has continued to make its appearance in my life, but that moment allowed me to have a permanent change in my relationship with ego.

My ego did not die, I simply changed the way I see it and the way it plays a role in my life. As Dr. Sue Morter, international speaker, master of bio-energetic medicine, and quantum field visionary, so eloquently states, “Only ego would want ego to die.”

Mysticism is like the Fragrance of Flowers Deirdre Hade

Mysticism is like the Fragrance of Flowers

“Every day you are in the mystery of experience.”   

— Deirdre Hade

Mysticism plainly put is the experience of living in a greater reality. This greater reality includes our material world but also includes an unseen world of nature beings, spirit and animal guides, Angels and Ascended Masters (saints, prophets and sages).

When you learn to harness your intuition and mystical experience you learn to let the truth reveal itself to you. This is why we need mysticism. I feel it’s so important to have as a tool to anchor ourselves in a foundational experience and to help us access a strength we do not know we have.

Our intuition can save us from calamity, and as a mystic you are accessing unseen worlds through your perceptions while opening the aperture of the camera of your mind. Knowing the switch to connect to deeper resonance of intuition is akin to turning on light of lamp.

When we are “asleep” we do not know how to live a fully satisfying life. When you turn your lamp on you can see. You can turn the lamp on in your own self and you can see because there is light.

Try out the following exercise for connecting more deeply to your inner guidance and divine thought.

Mystical Wisdom 101

Spiritualism in the West is an intellectual understanding which is only one piece of the puzzle. In a mystical experience we enter into union (Hebrew word Kabbalah), an experience that brings wholeness and energetic healing. A true mystic is someone who is grounded in earthly reality and also grounded in alternative reality.

How do you know you are touching the Divine, and how do you know when you are touching intuition or ego? Have you had your own mystical experience, or have you had an experience that you did not understand at the time but now know was a mystical experience with light and healing?

In the true mystical experience, you have one foot fully grounded in the material world and one foot fully grounded in the spiritual world. You are the keeper of balance between logical rationality and the wondrously miraculous.

The mystical experience, however, is fleeting and pops up spontaneously at odd times. In the beginning, most mystical states will be brief moments—an ah ha. But, through practice, you can extend the duration of time of your mystical experience. You can also create mystical experiences for yourself.

Mysticism and Health

Mysticism can affect our wellbeing and health. When we are only in a secular, scientific, and technological awareness we are detached—without mysticism our life becomes dry. Being mystical is about being relational with the self/psyche/soul and the totality of who we are, and it is not transactional. You can’t access it by studying or reading a book. Mysticism brings you into experience where real healing happens.

Every thought we feel in our mind does not necessarily come from us. We are a collective consciousness, and it is important to know your own thoughts and what thoughts come from some other place. When we know the core value of our life purpose, we create a pathway that opens up our mystical selves. We carry a deep feeling tone that love is boundless and are able to tap into the mystical life. We are all connected to this all knowingness.

Mysticism and Dreams

An important tool of the mystic is connecting with our dreams and knowing that the messages are forces of life that heal. Dreams are gateways to mystical and inner experiences. The mystical world is a study of the soul, the inner world is where we really live. By the time something happens in outer world, it has been ruminating and creating patterns in our inner world for a long time. You can use dream state to access your soul and psyche to receive messages and knowledge.

By the time something happens in outer world, it has been ruminating and creating patterns in our inner world for a long time.

The mystical experience is not a state of permanent ecstasy. However, you will have moments of experiencing feelings of ecstasy. When you are in the mystical flow of life, you feel a deep powerful peace from a radiant inner consciousness.

I invite you to go deeper into your mystical connections as you journey through your life. A mystical life helps to connect you to the highest source of consciousness and your conscious mind feels the energized life force of your soul and you become a happier, more balanced, well adjusted, joyful person.

The mystical path is your code to fully experiencing the support of an all-loving presence through every sense in your body, mind and spirit, and your soul is nourished and nurtured with divine light. My wish is for you to take this path and discover more fully how to bring more mysticism into your life!