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New Thought Leadership Consciousness

Are you a leader in New Thought? Looking to expand? Interested in what it takes to build a thriving community?

Tune in with Founder & President Temple Hayes along with the Dean of ILLLI Dr. Aileen Curtin as they explore ideas and perceptions about New Thought and why the movement isn’t growing when it truly is the answer for our times.

Today’s topic is about delivering a bold and bodacious New Thought consciousness in any capacity you serve. When we understand as leaders that others can only be as excited about our community as we are, we can become clear on how going with the flow still requires us to be mindful of our intentions.

Do you feel that your life changed or “awoke” due to the teachings of New Thought?

Have you often wondered why people are not flocking to spiritual communities in droves?

Where are our youth and why are they not interested?

We used to be leading edge-what happened?

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Raw Conversations: From Hell To Well (Episode 4)

Have you or someone you know suffered from religiosity?

Listen in to this final conversation in the series “Raw Conversations: From Hell to Well” with Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes and Ryan Owens as they dive into the journey of Religiosity to Spirituality. When Ryan discovered God was within, that there was no savior “out there”, and home was on the inside he was finally able to listen to God and his Spirit. He first rebelled against the teachings he was raised on and knew that any teachings that taught against inclusiveness and love were not a part of his path.

We’re looking forward to going on this journey together! Visit our Youtube channel to share, comment, and inspire us with your own stories of moving from Hell to Well.