Taking Charge of Your Health and Energy

Does your belief system work for you, and are you listening?

Take a break and join Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes and Karen Bailey in a conversation about “The Art of Being Open” where they discuss the importance of our beliefs and the impact on the physical body. And why sometimes as spiritually-focused people we can be fascinated with the mystery, but bypass the physical part of our living. Find out how looking at our health through multiple windows is vital in preparing ourselves for the future that is possible for us, rather than the one we may have been told we were destined to have.

Our intention at ILLLI is to call out our innate wisdom. Listen in and share with people you know can benefit from healthy conversations with practical applications for everyday life.

As a licensed physical therapist with advanced training as a certified athletic trainer and founder of Optimal Performance Physical Therapy, LLC in Maine, Karen Bailey takes an integrated holistic approach to therapy focusing on treating the whole person; body, mind, spirit, and soul. Visit her and learn more at: opt2heal.com

Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes believes in the importance of vibrant living and is driven to help all people, animals, and most especially young people find acceptance in the world and within themselves. Get involved and follow her at: templehayes.com.