Mysticism is like the Fragrance of Flowers Deirdre Hade

Mysticism is like the Fragrance of Flowers

“Every day you are in the mystery of experience.”   

— Deirdre Hade

Mysticism plainly put is the experience of living in a greater reality. This greater reality includes our material world but also includes an unseen world of nature beings, spirit and animal guides, Angels and Ascended Masters (saints, prophets and sages).

When you learn to harness your intuition and mystical experience you learn to let the truth reveal itself to you. This is why we need mysticism. I feel it’s so important to have as a tool to anchor ourselves in a foundational experience and to help us access a strength we do not know we have.

Our intuition can save us from calamity, and as a mystic you are accessing unseen worlds through your perceptions while opening the aperture of the camera of your mind. Knowing the switch to connect to deeper resonance of intuition is akin to turning on light of lamp.

When we are “asleep” we do not know how to live a fully satisfying life. When you turn your lamp on you can see. You can turn the lamp on in your own self and you can see because there is light.

Try out the following exercise for connecting more deeply to your inner guidance and divine thought.

Mystical Wisdom 101

Spiritualism in the West is an intellectual understanding which is only one piece of the puzzle. In a mystical experience we enter into union (Hebrew word Kabbalah), an experience that brings wholeness and energetic healing. A true mystic is someone who is grounded in earthly reality and also grounded in alternative reality.

How do you know you are touching the Divine, and how do you know when you are touching intuition or ego? Have you had your own mystical experience, or have you had an experience that you did not understand at the time but now know was a mystical experience with light and healing?

In the true mystical experience, you have one foot fully grounded in the material world and one foot fully grounded in the spiritual world. You are the keeper of balance between logical rationality and the wondrously miraculous.

The mystical experience, however, is fleeting and pops up spontaneously at odd times. In the beginning, most mystical states will be brief moments—an ah ha. But, through practice, you can extend the duration of time of your mystical experience. You can also create mystical experiences for yourself.

Mysticism and Health

Mysticism can affect our wellbeing and health. When we are only in a secular, scientific, and technological awareness we are detached—without mysticism our life becomes dry. Being mystical is about being relational with the self/psyche/soul and the totality of who we are, and it is not transactional. You can’t access it by studying or reading a book. Mysticism brings you into experience where real healing happens.

Every thought we feel in our mind does not necessarily come from us. We are a collective consciousness, and it is important to know your own thoughts and what thoughts come from some other place. When we know the core value of our life purpose, we create a pathway that opens up our mystical selves. We carry a deep feeling tone that love is boundless and are able to tap into the mystical life. We are all connected to this all knowingness.

Mysticism and Dreams

An important tool of the mystic is connecting with our dreams and knowing that the messages are forces of life that heal. Dreams are gateways to mystical and inner experiences. The mystical world is a study of the soul, the inner world is where we really live. By the time something happens in outer world, it has been ruminating and creating patterns in our inner world for a long time. You can use dream state to access your soul and psyche to receive messages and knowledge.

By the time something happens in outer world, it has been ruminating and creating patterns in our inner world for a long time.

The mystical experience is not a state of permanent ecstasy. However, you will have moments of experiencing feelings of ecstasy. When you are in the mystical flow of life, you feel a deep powerful peace from a radiant inner consciousness.

I invite you to go deeper into your mystical connections as you journey through your life. A mystical life helps to connect you to the highest source of consciousness and your conscious mind feels the energized life force of your soul and you become a happier, more balanced, well adjusted, joyful person.

The mystical path is your code to fully experiencing the support of an all-loving presence through every sense in your body, mind and spirit, and your soul is nourished and nurtured with divine light. My wish is for you to take this path and discover more fully how to bring more mysticism into your life!