Reiki: The Spiritual Practice Of Healing From Within

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” —  Nikola Tesla 

Life accelerates more than we could even imagine, thus the need to slow down and focus inwardly. If we do not give ourselves a break and slow down, we’d be risking our lives burning out, running empty or just going through the everyday motions without really enjoying any of it.

While still not very popular like that of yoga or meditation and other healing techniques such as massage therapy, Reiki healing is gaining attention from people of all walks of life as it promotes self-awareness, sense of balance, and perspective.

Simple energetic techniques practiced daily and with real intent, helps Reiki students achieve a sense of relaxation, calm, detachment from pressures, and a better understanding of the inner changes that have to be done for better peace and well-being. While Reiki training is still yet to be known all over the world and is still a flourishing practice, many people are drawn to other spiritual practices such as yoga, tai chi, qigong, and other body movements. These practices naturally bring an experiential understanding of the Chi or Ki, the invisible energy that permeates all of life. Because there exists a connection between the body and mind, working on the body itself can directly impact one’s thought processes. The same goes as you work on your mind.

Spiritual practice can help renew our sense of purpose. It removes the mask that prevents self-expression, thus allowing more area for love and joy to unfold in all aspects of your life, ranging from the simplest tasks to those exciting new experiences we wish to try. Having been born with a sense of wonder, it is not uncommon that we know how interconnected we are with one another and with everything that surrounds us. Challenges in life often make us build barriers to protect ourselves from any harm while at the same time isolating ourselves. That is why there must be a way to feel that sense of connection again.

The truth is that we are never separate from the outside world, it’s just that how we perceive the world makes it scary, harsh, a separate entity of our existence, and something that we need to protect ourselves and those we love.

People who are drawn to Reiki practice often go through so-called limiting situations which are bad experiences in the past that are still unsettled and continue to plague not just their physical but their mental and emotional health as well.

As an ancient form of healing and spirituality, Reiki continues to honor humans as a spiritual being, one that reveres the Earth as both a living and a conscious entity. Most people nowadays live an urbanized and technology-oriented life and Reiki practice is one way to ensure that harmony and kinship with each other and source energy is well preserved. A Reiki practitioner can view life and life’s challenges from a detached, spiritual perspective which is something that cannot be achieved in an ordinary state of consciousness. That is the gift bestowed upon a Reiki practitioner. Moreover, daily Reiki practice can help us realize that distractions will always be around but the good thing is, you will be better at handling them.

Are you among the many who keep saying, “when I have more money”, “when I have more time”, “when my pay is raised”, “when the kids grow up”, and a never-ending list of limiting ideas? 

Tell me if I’m wrong but part of us have brushed aside some things that we have longed for due to the dictates of those outside authorities while at a very young age. We just took everything in, not bothering to ask if it’s worth doing. These are stirrings of the Soul and it’s become harder and harder to ignore it.

Have you noticed how unhealthy your eating habits are, how often you slump on the couch mindlessly watching TV for hours, only to realize the day’s over but you’ve never done anything productive yet you feel very tired? What if you change that behavioral pattern? What if after dinner, you go for a walk and just let yourself be free from technological distractions? What if you take some relaxing shower, and snuggle on your bed with a good read for new ideas? Can you imagine the possibilities?

You see, old habits die hard, they say. But you can always learn new ideas and charge them as new learning experiences. Commit yourself to self-healing by breaking down old habits little by little, only then can we discover the vast nature of our being human. The universe has a flow, and we are like the universe, there exists a flow in us. With Reiki practice, we can heal ourselves, synchronizing our hearts and minds once more.

Reiki practice teaches us that we are in control of ourselves and that the power is in our own hands. Blocking our own power and freedom of expression makes us look withdrawn and appear controlling. Oftentimes our expressions turn on by itself, and may manifest in anger, self-doubt, and self-criticism which in turn wears us further down. With Reiki practice, one can love himself again and get in touch with his most true desires. There will never be spark if one cannot learn to love himself and connect to the Spirit.

Culture and the educational system have taught us that powerlessness fosters social cooperation. Well, it’s high time to debunk that concept. Reiki teaches that the power within is something that should not be put down. Reiki is heart-centered and it focuses on life, the harmony and unity of it as it empowers not just our own but the lives of everyone we touch.

Reiki is for all walks of life. It does not matter what physical, emotional or mental state you are in, what it gives is a lifelong benefit.